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Be As Good As You Think You Are

March 23, 2017


This new book by Bob and Eileen Parkinson isn’t a “How To” book on “Public Speaking.” It’s a “Here’s What” book that focuses on the overall topic of “effective communication.” That might sound academic, but this isn’t a textbook or an instruction manual.

It’s a collection of ideas, stories, and suggestions Eileen and Bob picked up throughout the course of many years of teaching and coaching businesspeople and just “regular folks” how to convey ideas to their various audiences.

It’s a sharing of experiences and events that will help you become more effective when you speak and write, but it isn’t remedial education.

Everything in this book is designed to help you continue to get better at using what many people call “Soft Skills.”

That’s an interesting label because it creates an impression that “soft” is insignificant. But ask any astronaut or pilot about the importance of a “soft landing.”

Ask any computer user about the importance of software.

Every business transaction – every development is based on how well the involved parties express and defend their ideas. Interactions are dependent upon how well all the parties “make their cases.”

Being able to communicate well is far from unimportant – far from Soft.

In most aspects of daily life we regularly talk to friends, clients,

customers, strangers, and audiences through a variety of presentation channels.

Most of us do pretty well. But that’s the problem. We do just “pretty well.”

Our listeners and readers, however, expect and deserve better than “pretty well.”

They are entitled to our best performance.

That’s probably not a surprise to anyone, but many of us don’t deliver that

expected high quality.

All too often we give ourselves license to be mediocre.

This book will help you examine closely how you package and deliver material. It will suggest methods and techniques to deliver that material well. It will help you communicate your ideas clearly and concisely.

It will suggest changing some behaviors. It will explain several options you can practice. BUT … in no way is this book designed or intended to change who you are.

This book describes how you can convey information with passion and commitment.

It will help you become a better presenter at business meetings and conferences as well as a better conversationalist, and even a more interesting person at social events.

Indeed, the suggestions we offer are what we call “Life Skills.”

This book provides the skills needed to become a more effective, informative, and persuasive you and to –

be as good as you think you are.


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